Manage compliance, protect profit, mitigate risk

Instead of fighting fires while trying to balance the demands of business, stakeholders, compliance and technology, take the journey to a state of control and continuous improvement.

Do you want to determine an accurate risk posture and define the structured process needed to regain control and start being proactive?  Our consultative approach will move you past opinions to determine key risk areas per domain and help you to formulate the best plan within proven frameworks that supports your business objectives.  With sn agnostic approach towards products and service providers, we’re only interested in bringing benefits and assurance to all parties involved – giving you absolute comfort that the outcomes are tailored for your business, not ours.  And if you or your current service providers don’t have the skill sets required, we’ll work with you to make it happen with our CISO-as-a-Service offering, domain expertise, or monitoring and management solutions

Service Elements

  • Evaluate governance structures in place by reviewing policies, procedures and standards including change controls, end-user policies, information security policies and more, while determining what additional documentation needs to be developed.
  • Examine current process regarding IT security awareness, how privacy is handled, management of 3rd parties, and how well IT strategy is being followed.
  • Determine if disaster recovery and business continuity processes are in place and are best aligned for the organisation. Check how IT assets are managed, suggest optimisation methods for asset management such as discovery and tracking methods.
  • Assess IT architectures (on-prem, private cloud and public cloud) including determining the methods in place for vulnerability management and perform penetration and exploit tests, identification of critical IT deficiencies, IAM assessments including policies and directory configurations, 3rd party authorizations, host security checks and more.
  • Evaluate operational factors, determine the efficacy of metrics reporting and monitoring systems, examine incident management process, evaluate the degree to which threat intelligence is performed and determine whether security potential breaches are adequately monitored.
  • Ensure that data management and protection mechanisms are configured adequately.
  • Provide ongoing managed services collaboratively – with your preferred level of engagement – to address the gaps established during analysis and ensure remediation is effective and perpetual. This can include social engineering testing/anti-phishing campaigns, end-point and perimeter protection, infrastructure design and maintenance, configuration management, backup and business continuity management, SIEM solutions, ransomware prevention analysis, file integrity monitoring and many other services.
  • We remain agnostic towards service provider or product, as long as both meet the criteria to deliver the state of control and continuous improvement that you require.

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